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Canada Express Entry is globally the most well-known immigration program offering Canadian permanent residence and citizenship.

The selection system for Canadian immigration program is called express entry and it is designed to select skilled people who would like to migrate to Canada. Express entry is a completely electronic selection process managed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which admits over 300,000 immigrants to Canada every year mainly under the Family Class and the Economic Class.

Those who meet certain criteria, submit an online application to the Express entry pool. A Comprehensive Ranking System developed by RCC will rank the profiles of candidates in the pool against each other. Candidates with the highest ranking will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Faqs about Canada citizenship and passport

Although the requirements for Canada Immigration varies by the type of immigration program you are applying to, there are certain basic principles that are the same across all immigration options. The following requirements apply to Canada Express Entry Immigration applications. The first requirement is to provide proof of language proficiency in either English or French. This is done by registering and taking a language test. For English the test is called IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Secondly you will need to submit your foreign educational credential assessment report which is also called ECA. The ECA can be obtained from WES which assesses your foreign credentials and prepare a report.
It is difficult to predict how long it will take to receive your Canada permanent residence (pr) card. The processing time to prepare the necessary documents and finalize your file for the Express Entry will depend on your planning. Taking IELTS test and getting WES assessment will usually require around 2 months. Once the requested documents are ready we will submit your online Express Entry application for Canada Immigration.
The Canada immigration points system is based on your points allocated for your profile criteria which consist of your skills, education, age, work experience, language ability and so on. It is also called Comprehensive Ranking System known as CRS and used to asses and score your profile and rank with in the Express Entry pool.
Canada has a complex point system that score your profile. Hence it is advisable to get professional support to calculate your immigration points. Terranova Global consultants will help to assess and score your profile.
First you need to become a Permanent resident and live in Canada for at least 4 years out of 6 years before you can apply for Canadian citizenship. During these 4 years you have to physically be present in Canada for at least 183 days of each year.
The Provencal Government of Quebec has a special agreement with the Federal Government of Canada on its immigration policy and has its own immigration rules and procedure in place. It will choose only immigrants who are likely to adapt well to living and working in Quebec.
You must have a minimum of one-year continuous full-time work experience in a skilled occupation listed by CIC. The other requirement is the language ability. You must be able to meet or exceed the language threshold of Canadian Language Benchmark. Another requirement is with regards to your education. You are required to submit a Canadian or a foreign educational credential.
Those who have been given permanent resident status by Canadian Government are called Canadian permanent residents. They are not Canadian citizens but have immigrated to Canada and hold citizenship of another country. Canadian permanent residents will hold a permanent resident card also known as PR card as an identification document.
This will vary by immigration category that you are planning to apply. In most categories you will need to provide a proof of language proficiency, foreign educational credential assessment report and have work experience.
You can apply under one of the immigration categories to become Canadian permanent residence. These categories are as follows: - Skilled Worker Class Immigration - Provincial Nomination - Business Class Immigration - Family Class Immigration - Quebec Immigration Once approved by CIC you will be allowed to enter Canada as a permanent resident and will receive your Permanent Resident Card.
Once you receive your Canadian Permanent Resident Card you will be allowed to travel visa free to Aruba, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, South Korea and the Turks & Caicos Island.
Yes you can, providing that you apply and qualify under one of the 5 immigration categories. For example, if you score the necessary points as a Federal Skilled Worker applicant you will receive your permanent residence status in Canada without a job offer.
You will need minimum 67 points out of 100 to become an Express Entry candidate under the Comprehensive Ranking System. You will be assessed on six selection factors. There is a draw every two-three week from the Express Entry pool of candidates. Candidates with highest ranking will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.
It all depends on your qualifications and budget. If you are a business person with financial resources, you can immigrate to Canada as an investor by applying to the investor immigration program. You can also go to Canada as a student to study and then apply for a work permit or permanent residence status. If you qualify you can apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration program which is open to people with university education and work experience. Or alternatively, if you are an artist or a farmer you may qualify as a self-employed person under the Canada Self Employed Immigration category.
This depends on which immigration category you are planning apply under the Express Entry since there are different ILETS score requirements for each category. For example, for Federal Skilled Worker program you will need to have a minimum 6.0 in each of the four band.
Express entry is Canadian selection system for immigration. It is used to select people with required skill sets for immigration to Canada. It is an electronic selection process managed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which admits over 300,000 immigrants to Canada every year mainly under the Family Class and the Economic Class.